Seeing is believing


Artevia™ by Lafarge is a collection of decorative concretes for indoor and outdoor use that combines freedom of design with low maintenance and durability. Artevia™ offers great looks and outstanding performance.

Artevia™ is much more than just another concrete. It’s a stunningly beautiful design material that keeps all the advantages of concrete: it is not only hard wearing but also long lasting. Available in an array of amazing colors, patterns and textures, Artevia™’s subtle designs bring any location to life with vibrant color and realistic texture.

Suitable for home owners, architects and landscapers, Artevia™’s exciting patterns and textures offer unrestricted creativity on any project. Plus it can be molded when fresh like any concrete, or pounded like a stone when hardened.

Artevia™ is the perfect match for any environment. Combine it with brick, metal, wood or grass for a wealth of possibilities. You won’t believe your eyes!

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Exposed Artevia™ Exposed is a trustworthy and robust exterior concrete. Thanks to the multiple combinations available, it offers countless colors and effects to fit any environment. Its graveled finish makes it slip-resistant and ideal for extreme conditions.
Color Artevia™ Color is a collection of colored concretes in a broad palette of tones. Soft or bright, natural or intense, Artevia™ Color allows you to create colorful designs with concrete as never before. And because the concrete itself is colored throughout, it will never fade or wear away.
Print Artevia™ Print is an incredibly lifelike range of textured pavements, stone and natural effect finishes. They are durable and low maintenance, and with proper care, stay as beautiful as the day they were set, year after year.
Polish Artevia™ Polish has a smooth texture like polished marble that is silky to the touch and elegant at first sight. Designed for use indoor and outdoor, it offers luxurious comfort that your bare feet will love.
Stone Artevia™ Stone looks and feels like natural stone in every detail. Elegant and impressive, it has all the character and beauty of premium quarried stone at a fraction of the cost.
Sand Artevia™ Sand looks just like sand, but doesn’t shift or blow about, remaining stable and dust-free whatever the weather.

Set your imagination free


Artevia™ is all about attractive design and sophisticated textures. Its finishes can be customized with options like wax, stenciled effects and decorative details. There is no limit to what you can do, so let Artevia™ set your imagination free.