Decorative Concrete

Look around, grey concrete is boring! You can't even buy a plain grey paving stone so why would you assume that ready mix concrete only comes in grey!

Consider your resale value! Just like anywhere else, houses in Winnipeg sell based on bathrooms, kitchens, and curb appeal! When you choose to make that investment in curb appeal, we believe that you should only use the highest quality concrete. For architectural concrete, our products meet CSA C-2 Exposure class for durability but are also designed for specific applications. For the best performance, we design our products specifically for stamped concrete projects, designed concrete projects, and coloured concrete projects. Perimeter Concrete also has concrete for exposing, and even for polishing.

Perimeter Concrete supplies numerous contractors in Manitoba with a multitude of coloured concretes for use in architectural projects. We carry the SG line from L.M. Scofield and can easily offer you a range beyond this as well.

Artevia™1 is a collection of decorative concretes suitable for indoor and outdoor uses offering attractive design and sophisticated textures.

Visit and for tips and ideas on decorative concrete applications.


1 Artevia™ is sold under license by Lafarge.
2Colour selections are subject to availability at time of order. We recommend in house color selection to help ensure the colour meets your expectations.