Fibre Reinforcement

Concrete cracks when it begins to shrink very early in its life. Normally, this is caused by the tension created from shrinkage. The tension concentrates itself in specific locations and shows as a crack. Fibre reinforcement effectively spreads the tension throughout the slab and helps to minimize cracking.

In addition to this, fibre reinforcement helps to make the concrete "bleed" more consistently and lends to a more impact resistant concrete surface and helps the contractor produce great concrete surfaces from broom finish to stamped concrete.

Fibres that show after the project is complete will quickly wear off or can be removed very simply.

Fibre reinforcement is a good substitute for rolled wire mesh reinforcement. Wire mesh offers no crack control and only aids in holding the concrete together if it does crack. Fibre reinforcement contributes to controlling cracking and helps to hold concrete together after it cracks.

Fibre reinforcement comes premixed into the concrete. Rolled wire mesh reinforcement is one more step in your preparation process that consumes time and people.