Innovative Technology
in low shrinkage concrete
for commercial and
industrial floors


Extensia™ is a powerful solution to the problem of shrinkage cracks in interior concrete floor slabs.
Its innovative design offers many benefits over conventional concrete.



Increases saw-cut spacings
to 20 m x 20 m.
Increased durability
without surface treatment.
Eliminates the need for
steel mesh and steel fiber.
Allows reduction of slab
Allows early finishing
and early loading of slab.
Is environmentally


What Extensia™ means for you


No steel Extensia’s™ advanced design and its ability to reduce shrinkage means there is no need to include any steel within the slab structure.*
Reduced thickness Extensia’s™ enhanced flexural strength will enable floor designers to consider thinner section floors. The environmental and economic benefits of this in conjunction with no steel are therefore substantial.
Less joints Extensia™ allows saw cuts to be pushed out to 20 m x 20 m, which realizes major savings for the clients regarding joint maintenance.
Ease of placement Extensia™ concrete can be placed using conventional laserscreed methods and traditional finishing processes associated to this type of floor construction.

*The reference for removal of steel is for non-structural slabs on grade.

*Design to be confirmed by a structural engineer

The Extensia™


Extensia™ is a breakthrough technology, meeting market needs, based on the understanding of hydration, shrinkage and the cracking associated with a concrete floor’s structural behavior. The unique, patented Extensia™ solution, uses our Crack Control Concrete technology, offering tangible advantages for floor designers, contractors and end users.

With Extensia™, Lafarge opens new dimensions to concrete for industrial and commercial floors.

Conventional Floor (typical)
Steel amount
25 kg/m3
No Steel
Saw cuts sections
6 m x 6 m
20 m x 20 m
Typical concrete shrinkage**
.04% to .065%
Typical slab thickness*
200 mm
150 mm – 175 mm
Finishing time (in winter, expressed in hours after batching)
7 – 8 hours
4 – 5 hours
Use of surface hardener*
Loading time*
28 days
14 days or less

* Design to be confirmed by structural engineer.

** Tested in accordance with CSA, clause 8.9 of CSA A23.1-04

For optimal performance, Extensia™ must be used in conjunction with correct site preparation (refer to data sheet for further information).