of Chronolia™

Chronolia™ concrete technology enables easy placement and high early strength gain. Chronolia™ responds to the needs of contractors and designers by allowing them to gain time and save money.

Possible double daily rotation
for any type of formwork
Optimization of time
- better use of formwork
- regain time lost due to weather, breakdowns, etc.
Faster loading of structural elements
(columns, beams, walls, floors)
Increase productivity of on-site construction


A real boost
for performance!


1 - Very high early strength Chronolia achieves rapid high early strength without affecting normal placement procedures as slump retention of two hours is maintained.
2 - Early formwork removal With Chronolia, stripping strength can be achieved as early as 4 hours* depending on the application.
3 - Accelerate construction Significant time can be saved by optimizing building processes on all construction sites.

*4 hours stripping time is 4 hours from the time the concrete is batched.

The Innovation


ChronoliaTM has succeeded in combining two contradictory behaviors that customers consistenly demand on site: 2 hours workability* and early strength gain. This is achieved by:

Optimizing the mix formulation
- Results in better control of the hydration process
- Allows for more consistent slump retention out performing other high early strength systems.
The introduction of innovative
accelerating systems
allows for early strength gain achieving durability & long-term strength.
RC (MPa) vs Hours

*2 hours workability is 2 hours from the time the concrete is batched.