Self-Consolidating Concrete

Perimeter offers Agilia® for applications where self consolidating concrete is the best solution. Self Consolidating concrete is a new development in the concrete industry that takes advantage of new technologies to deliver a concrete that requires no vibration and very limited effort to place.

This product is a must for small contractors in Manitoba. Most small contractors realize that the majority of their costs are in labour and productivity. With Agilia®*, you can reduce crew sizes dramatically and have your people retain their energy for more productive tasks that make you more profit than pushing a wheelbarrow. In addition to this, you get the benefit of having lower WCB costs and safety risks by having less people and retaining the more skilled of your personnel.

Agilia® can also be used for Basement floors for full depth or for toppings to level shifted basement floors. Agilia® is great for use on designed concrete for basement floors for example.

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* Agilia® is sold under license by Lafarge.