Agilia® Screed C

Agilia® Screed C is a cement based, virtually self leveling concrete topping, designed for use under all types of flooring. It combines technical innovation with the advantages associated with the utilization of cement products in wet or dry environments.

Agilia® Screed C is intended for use in all types of construction, and can be used to great advantage in both new construction and renovation work.

Agilia® Screed C is typically used for the interior of buildings where a subsequent floor finish is to be applied (tiling, wall-to-wall carpet, flexible flooring, parquet, paint, etc.)

The design of Agilia® Screed C is ideal for the construction of heated floor underlayments using water or electricity as the heating source. Agilia® Screed C was designed in our research and development laboratories to provide the high fluidity necessary to ensure complete contact with the heat source in heated floor underlayments. Heat transfer is maximized. 


Agilia Screed C Brochure


Agilia Screed C

Agilia Screed C